Our company has wide range of industrial activities. Here are main of them:

3D milling on CNC machines
  • Milling of wood, plastic materials, Urethane materials
  • Light milling of aluminium
  • Work tables up to 1500x400x200mm
  • CNC cutting of thrmo-vacuming parts and plastic parts

CAD/CAM aplications
  • 3D modeling
  • Digitalization and scanning on CNC machines
  • Revere engenieering with software CADKEY and SURFCAM

Modeling activities
  • Manufacturing of models by CNC milling
  • Prototype parts manufacturing
  • Composites and mold for composites production
  • Leather skin imitation on industrial models

Our Specialities
  • Development of architectural scaled models in different scales or detail
  • Rapid prototype milling of wax models for lost wax casting technologies
  • Manufacturing and development of RC models parts under PD model sign
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